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Our courses are designed to prepare our students for the industry standard. While learning to love the arts and the industry, students who have completed our courses will have a strong understanding of their skillsets and the impact they can make in the industry. Our goal is to ensure that our graduating students will have competitive readiness and great foundation to build their professional careers through further studies, real world application and work experience.

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Intro to Cinema: YouTube

What do you love? Do you like to play video games? Do you like to take pictures or vlog the things you like to do? Perhaps you just want to share how to do something that you love. 

This class will cover how to start, make, and grow your very own YouTube Channel: 

  • Learn the step by step process of building your channel and optimizing your potential

  • Market and share your content

  • Learn to analyze your favorite YouTube videos

  • Learn to write and plan your own content

  • Learn how to put this all together in the editing bay

  • Overview of analytics so you can see how you’re doing

Intro to Music Production: GarageBand

​You don't need crazy gear or to spend a ton of money to start making music. 


The most important tools in music production are your ears. In this class, you're going to learn how to listen to music as a producer.

  • Learn how to use Garageband, a digital audio workstation

  • Explore the world of MIDI: where you can learn to play any instrument through Garageband

  • Get familiar with the different roles of people who contribute to making a song, so you know what it takes. 

Introduction to Film Maker

If you want to tell a story, make a statement or just make a cool looking video this is for you

  • Learn the roles of making a video project: even if you’re doing all of them yourself

  • What kind of gear you need

  • How to shoot an entire project and tell a story even if you’re just using your phone

What we want you to take away from any of the classes: 

Whatever you want to learn,  you can do it. You can learn it. 

   K-Pop Music Theory  

What makes music KPOP, what makes it work, and what makes it fun? We're going to explore all that, starting with analyzing the song "Dolphin" by the Kpop group OH MY GIRL (오마이걸)

  • We’re going to break down 5 basic components of music: 

    • Melody

    • Harmony

    • Dynamics

    • Rhythm

    • Tone

Next time, let’s take your favorite KPOP songs and learn more about how it's made. Sample homework for this class includes exercises like: Listen to your favorite K-pop songs again and write about what new things you have discovered/heard using the 5 basic components of music.