Our instructors at MMI are working professionals having extensive experience within the industry and a passion for teaching students. Students can be assured that they are receiving quality education in preparation for their path in the media arts.

JOSHUAH SONG | music, media

Joshuah Song is a musician and visual artist who has a passion for equipping youth with the tools they need to actualize their aspirations.  His versatility has given him the privilege to work with world renowned artists and leading companies in the entertainment industry.  Although his focus has shifted towards his own music career, he is still very active and involved in the industry.  He uses his frontline experience to teach relevant and essential lessons to his students.  He is proud to be an instructor at MMI and is here to help each student find their own spark and solidify their vision into a reality.

DAVID YUN | music

David is an all-rounded musician and songwriter who is both experienced in contemporary and classical music. He plays 7 different instruments including piano, guitar, and cello. He earned his Bachelors of Arts in Music from BIOLA University. David also has over 10 years of experience in teaching music to more than thirty students.


Edwin Chang began his interest and journey in the media arts in 2009 when his teacher introduced to him the science behind what makes a camera work.  Since then, he has grown to work extensively in film, photography, and social media.  

Edwin has worked on numerous projects including community events such as Every Fifteen Minutes, short films, or even YouTube channels such as Koreos UCLA, Sheryl Chang, and more.

There's always a story to be told - and in this day and age, what better way to present it than through visual and social media?  Edwin strives to ​ensure that his students enjoy the arts not only as a skill, but as a way to express themselves uniquely and technically.


Justice Song has been blessed with the opportunities to work in an industry not many are able to break into. He believes that passing on such experience and opportunity is imperative to raising the next generation of talent and influencers. Justice believes in taking great care and consideration for the students he work with so that they can thrive at their full potential and maximize their efforts. With extensive experience and connections, Justice is ready to help students find their love for learning and build their dreams up from their passions and gifts.