The Music & Media Institute (MMI) is a collaboration by instructors who actively work in the industry. MMI aims to provide the necessary instruction to guide passionate students with an interest in the visual and performing arts. Because the extensive professional work experience, coursework and curriculum provided by instructors are primed to industry standard, our courses will prepare students with the ability to engage and succeed at the collegiate level and ultimately pursue a professional career. Most importantly, MMI believes in the balance of passion and academics.


Love what you learn, and learn what you love at MMI.


What is MMI?


MMI is a vendor providing extracurricular courses in the visual and performing arts. At the advanced level, students will have completed college appropriate coursework and will be fully prepared as a competitive college applicant.

What kind of classes does MMI provide?


MMI offers courses in the visual and performing arts specializing in Music, Video, and Photography. Check them out HERE!

How do I sign up?


You can sign up for classes at through our website HERE.

Does MMI provide online classes?


Due to the current COVID-19 situation, MMI is currently only offering live online classes.

What if I miss the Live-Stream Classes?


MMI will also have class lessons available on demand to students who are not able to make the class time. Access to the classes will be provided to the students via the MMI website and email.

My child is brand new and has no relative experience but is interested in taking classes.


MMI has classes available at most all levels of skill. It is recommended for students with no experience to start at the introductory course level. Student interview and assessment will be provided if needed.